Saturday, 24 September 2011

oh, eca, how i've missed you!

My first week back to ECA has been a little over anticipated as expected but none the less, nice to be back. I was given my first project of this semester called 'A Day in The Life' where we were asked to go out and buy a junk item and write and illustrate a story about said item. My chosen object happened to be this delightful pair of budgies I found in the wonderful junk and antiques shop called Relics in Glasgow. Love at first sight, literally.

So far, my idea for my story is a little sketchy. I have been watching a million budgie related videos, watching their behaviour. I came across certain quirks that budgies have, such as falling in love with their own reflection and repeating the words of others which happened to remind me of the greek mythology tale of the two nymphs, Narcissus and Echo. I'm loosely interpreting my story around that, but it's still fairly early in the research and developmental stages at the moment.

I have started doing some roughs and here is, finally some new work! Excuse my first poor attempts at digital colouring. Yes, possibly by the end of my degree I will have skills in being a photoshop master but this will do for now. At the end of this project I should have around 5 illustrations altogether but I am hoping to experiment in printmaking and possibly some other materials depending on where things to lead to. Soon to come!

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