Thursday, 15 September 2011

after a short interval.

Saos Bras de Alportel, Portugal

After what seems to have felt like a very long summer, it is definitely heading into autumn. My illustration work has sadly been a little stagnant as I have been working two mediocre jobs and took a little trip to Portugal with my other half. I've cut down my jobs now and I have just started a new part time job at Mango. I am also going to be entering into my second year at Edinburgh College of Art as of next week. I can't express how excited I am to go back to school and indulge in doing illustration again! I feel like things have definitely improved for the better in these last few months.

Bucks and Does is now for sale in Analogue in Edinburgh so feel free to pop in and pick up a copy! I definitely felt like I learnt a lot from this project but I would be interested in doing something similar again. I finally bought a printer and scanner so I will upload some of my new work in due course. I really feel like I need to learn some technical skills this year and get back into doing printmaking and learning more about photoshop and illustrator. In other news although my Etsy shop hasn't taken off completely yet, but its been nice to have it there for promoting my work and have sold a couple of pieces which I'm of course, very happy about!

I will be posting up some new work as soon as I can so watch this space!

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