Wednesday, 14 March 2012

illustration spree.

Gummo - Harmony Korine

I have been extremely well behaved as of late! I managed to submit my 2000 word essay today for my design theory, which is a massive relief. I know it isn't a piece of literature genius, but at least its' done and hopefully enough to pass. It's strange how much I stress before essay deadlines, but once it's done I'm on cloud nine.

Böö Press Print

We are pretty much close to finishing up the Böö Press Print illustration collaboration. The boxes are laser etched with lovely screen prints inside. Here is a wee sneak peek of everyone's work but shall get some good photographs of the finished product before it goes on sale. I am surprised but I am actually starting to sell more and more work, which I'm really pleased about. Somedays, I just can't believe it! Yes, I know I am talking about the good side of being an illustrator and believe me, there can be weeks and weeks of absolute dread, being frantic and lots of pressure. Although this might just be me, personally. I've added new work to my Tumblr of the things I've been up to, so feel free to have a gander. I've been experimenting with hand made textured digital patterns which has been good fun, and I'm hopefully going to develop a few for our press print to put on trace paper in-between our prints. I also got some new walnut brooches made up, so I will hopefully have these on my Etsy store for sale soon.

Anyways, I feel I deserve an evening to relax and dine on scallops, pak choi, chillis, spring onions and soy sauce. I guess it doesn't get much better than this!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Shop Til You Drop

Yes, this is me - looking pretty tired!

Today has been quite a long day, with myself being in school from 8:30 today! As much as I love the art of Illustration, it definitely has it up and down days. I sometimes think being at art school has turned me into a slight schizophrenic – some days I’m manically happy, the next absolutely miserable. At the moment though, I’m happy to say the least even though there has been a few hiccups with projects I’ve been working on and juggling uni around with my part time job and a design theory essay deadline looming.

I was featured in Shop Til You Drop magazine in Australia as you can see - which I received in the post a few days ago from my lovely cousin. I feel I’ve been waiting so long to see it in print!

I’ve been working really hard with my group for our Press Print artist books’ project but it should be finished in the next couple of days, and is looking good from the Photoshop mock up. We’re going to screen print it in a black blue, salmon and light chestnut brown colour. I also did another project with Gylemuir primary school which was a nice change getting to work with children – although I don’t think I could do it as a full time job!

I’m going to postpone my images of the Press Print for now, as I’d rather wait till they’re printed and in their laser etched boxes! I’m doing laser cutting tomorrow (at a small fortune) and planning on doing my fox brooch in walnut so it should be up in my Etsy store soon.

There are a few exciting things coming up and my last project of the year is an eight week one, with the theme of “Character”. I haven’t had a chance to think what I’d like to do yet for it, but I’m planning on doing printmaking if I can!