Monday, 28 June 2010

return the starfish to the sea.

I've finally found a moment to spare to update my very neglected journal. It's raining and I hear thunder outside my window.

I just rediscovered my love for 13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests which I went to see in Dunfermilne last year. There's finally some clips on Youtube from the DVD (which I've been meaning to purchase for some time now) which I feel the need to share! I went to the Artist Rooms Andy Warhol exhibition at Perth Museum last week which featured some of his earlier commerical illustration work.

After reflecting on some of the goals I set for myself earlier on in the year, I can happily say I've achieved them and more. My end of year exhibition went very well, one of the lecturers at Dundee College was interested in purchasing my exam work at my exhibition, but I declined as I wanted to keep them for sentimental reasons as I'm a bit romantic like that.

I passed all my modules and exams for my HNC in Contemporary Art Practise and got an A which felt amazing, this means I've met my conditions for Art School and I've accepted a place at Edinburgh College of Art. I was also offered a place at Duncan of Jordanstone which I was very sad to decline as most of my classmates and friends will be going there this year but I think it's definitely time for a change of scenery and life.

I'm currently in the process of moving to Edinburgh and finally got three years worth of junk packed up! I've found a flat, sadly feel a bit like I'm downgrading but at least I'll be living in the Capital and have lots of events lined up which I can't wait for.

Before I move though I'm off to Riga, Latvia for a week with my friend Aina. I will be staying there with her family so it should be interesting adventure! We are also planning on going to Sigulda to explore the Gutmanis Cave which is one of the deepest caves in the Baltic countries. I can't wait. Photos to come.

I was also in Amsterdam two weeks ago to celebrate finishing college with fourteen friends from Edinburgh. Not so much a cultural holiday but I did go to the Sex Museum and Katten Kabinet (Cat Museum) where they had Cat Pinball! I did visit the Van Gogh Museum again which of course, was very inspiring. I've been itching to do some art but I actually don't have time or space to and it's difficult with everything being packed up. One of my favourite paintings ever is "Blossoming Almond Tree" so it was nice to see it this time round without being too stoned. You know what they say, when in Rome....

Cat Pin Ball at Katten Kabinet in Amsterdam

David's Beach Party in Pittenweem

Anyways, to round it up I have been one extremely busy lady. To be truthful though, I've not really been in Dundee at all since I got back from Amsterdam. I've been in Edinburgh all weekend, had a pleasant time up Calton Hill, then been dotting in between Pittenweem, Perth and Newburgh during the week.My summer is also shaping up to looking pretty eventful. My calendar consists of so far...;

The Edinburgh Film Festival in July, definitely want to see the The Illusionist by Sylvain Chomet (Director of the French Animation; The Triplets of Belleville).

I am going to go to Dunfermilne on 13th July with my classmate Amanda Lambert to visit our other classmate Jo Barrett to do a taster course in silversmithing at her house which I can't wait for! They have both been accepted in Duncan of Jordanstone and have been my main life support throughout this year at Dundee College, so I'm going to miss them greatly.

Charity Baw II at the Roxy Art House with King Creosote, Panda Su and other acts - King Creosote is one music artist that I adore but haven't had the pleasure of seeing yet!

My friend, Andrew Lennie; a current student at Edinburgh College of Art is having an exhibition of his painting and drawings alongside Grant Jeffrey's photography from July 19th onwards at The Steeple in Newburgh.

Andrew and I have booked flights to go see my family in Germany and also planning a small trip inbetween to Venice at the end of July/beginning of August. Watch this space!

Beirut at HMV Picture House in Edinburgh - I've ordered my tickets, and waiting on them arriving. I can't wait as I've liked Beirut for quite a long time now and seeing them live will be delightful.

Anyways, I am going to enjoy my last night in Dundee by going to the most cultural place possible... Guess where? Fat Sam's! Watch out, the heroic duo are going out to paint the town red.