Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bexhill & Brighton

In October, I went with Cameron to see Kings of Convienience in Bexhill at the Del La Warr Pavillion, a leading national contemporary arts centre. In the evening we continued our travels to Brighton where I discovered was a haven for quirky kitsch shops, flea markets, thriftstores, independent art galleries, organic food stores which crossed over with tacky tourist English seaside culture. I anticipate when I get the chance to visit again and stay for a longer period of time.

Here are a collection of images I took on my travels... and also included addresses in case you ever end up in Brighton and feel stuck for somewhere to go!

Bexhill Shop Window

Cameron's Aunties Bouquet

North Laine Antiques and Flea Market,
Upper Gardner St, Brighton, BN1 4AN

This is situated in a residential street and at first, we couldn't find it! It seems to be less known about and is only a few streets away from Kensington Gardens. This was the first market we visited which reminded me of Dens Road Market or the Barras in Glasgow on a smaller scale. It is similar to Snoopers Paradise [see below], but is cheaper and less crowded. I bought a beautiful tooled leather handbag there for £11.50 which had beautiful detailing on it. There is mostly bric a brac, furniture, but some amazing finds for retro and vintage jewellery, accessories, and some clothes within an affordable price range!

Snoopers Paradise,
7-8 Kensington Gardens, BN1 4AL

Snoopers Paradise is a treasure cove of antiques, nostalgic collectables and has about everything you can think of! To name a small few; musical instruments, retro furniture, vintage soft porn magazines to jewellery, books, and vinyl records. It is a little more expensive than the first fleamarket I mentioned, but without a doubt you'll find something to probe your curiousity and bring out your inner bargain hunter! There is also a free photo gallery upstairs which is worth a visit if you like to check out local photographers' work.

Angel Food Bakery,
20 Meeting House Lane, BN1 1HB

This place was really lovely and welcoming feel to it with some of the most gorgeous luxurious cupcakes I've tried. We stopped in here for a quick coffee, and it's a nice cosy place to sit at the window and do some people watching.

Julie Verhoeven

I have had a small obsession with fashion illustrator and artist Julie Verhoeven for a long time. I find her work beautiful, expressive, and when observing her work it reminds me of a feminine sensitivity rather than just fashion. In my admiration, I ended up paying quite a lot of money for a Julie Verhoeven's Gas Book 13 off eBay and I adore it. I think my only reason to even try to pursue to go to Central Saint Martin's is because she is a lecturer there although I think I may be in serious awe if she was tutoring me!

Here are a selection of a few images:

A Short Introduction.

The reason for the creation of this blog is to keep a record of my art works, concepts, inspirations, and any other art related interests. There may also be occasional ramblings and other things that don't have any association with what I've mentioned, but I guess it keeps the element of surprise!

So to keep my introduction short and sweet, my name is Laura. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "the bay, or laurel plant". In classical times, a crown was made from the leaves of the bay laurel for heroes or victors as a symbol of honor and victory.

Nice to meet you.
The anima (like the shadow) also has a benevolent aspect in taking on the role of guide, or mediator, to the world within and to the Self. As femme inspiratrice she may serve as muse, inspiring his artistic or spiritual development, and putting him in touch with correct inner values and hidden depths of his personality. - Carl Gustav Jung