Saturday, 21 January 2012

Enter the Dragon

OK, I know it’s a cheesy way to introduce a new post. But after being very disengaged from the internet world (apart from sadly to tell the truth, rummaging through Urban Outfitters & Topshop online and Facebook), I am going to try and make more out of my blogging again. (I really dislike the word ‘blogging’ - it just sounds so distasteful.)

It is coming into the year of the Dragon - my year - which makes it that little bit extra special for me as I am a little bit auspicious. Must be the Asian genes. I’ve had some good news in terms of my illustration work… I’m being featured in Shop Til You Drop magazine in Australia next month and I am hopefully going to produce some new items for my Etsy store, some of which may be sent down to the Nook & Cranny store in Liverpool’s Blue Coat Gallery very soon.

I have and haven’t enjoyed the first semester of my second year of ECA. We did a project with William Goldsmith and Michael Kirkham - both of their illustration work I can admire although drastically different from my own. The first three projects consisted of two sequential illustration projects and a more self-directed project of ‘Edinburgh as a Utopia’ working within a digital medium. This semester I have started the gradual progression to working digitally. I even got a Macbook Pro, which I now adore (yes I am trying to become a ‘real’ designer/illustrator!). A first for me; but is making work a lot more efficient and definitely a new learning curve for myself.

2012 has been a bit of whirlwind so far. I went to Amsterdam last week with my significant other, although I didn’t do anything that cultural except smoke and eat cakes and go to the Erotic Museum and get paranoid in Burger King. The most cultural part (and indulgent) of my holiday was our visit to Artis Zoo, which I loved. It even had an aquarium and butterfly farm. The marmosets were definitely one of my favourites, although I never found the sloths in the open area zoo.

In other news, I also found out a few days ago, that I won a competition from Vice magazine - so in the space of two weeks I’m off travelling again down with my other half to London to go on the Eurostar to Paris to see Woodkid perform on the Eiffel Tower. I can’t wait! My plan is to do lots of drawing, a bit of dancing and eat Laduree macarons. Yum.

Shall keep you posted.

Laura x

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  1. Hey sweety, I love the zoo and loving your photos, cute wee animals and fishies!

    Any way I tagged you in an ask post, unsure if you'll be interested in posting it but letting you know: