Tuesday, 12 July 2011

your imagination is known to wander, but mine is staying.

“You Knew I Wouldn’t Wait Around Forever”

Oh my, where to start!

My poor little journal has been badly neglected again. I really need to start practising doing regular updates as I always feel like every time I come back to this I'm preparing to write an epic novel.

To cut a long story short – since I finished up from Edinburgh College of Art for this term, I’ve been working two jobs and in my little spare time, I’ve been trying to cram in as much illustration work as I can (although I have been a little more productive on that front recently!) Not forgetting to mention having some kind of social life with family, friends and boyfriend.

I moved to a beautiful large flat with the lovely Clair Stirling, a fellow Illustration student and LuckyMe DJ (Check out her tunes here: http://www.mixcloud.com/eclairfifi/SoundCloud). As of course, find this a great opportunity to show you where I work and things I'm inspired by.

My humble abode.

My bedroom with my typewriter, vanity lights, and knitted acorn!

Squid Stirling - the most minature cat ever!

I was invited to the openings of Duncan of Jordanstone and Edinburgh College of Art Degree Shows. It was such a pleasure to see my friends graduating and view their work on display, so pleased for them and wish them all the best of luck. I found it interesting to compare the two Illustration Degree Shows and I was deeply impressed with both. A lot of the people I knew and admired this year received firsts which makes me realise I have a lot to learn to get to where I want to be!

Overall, I did get 6 A’s and 3 B’s for my results this year which I am very pleased about but still feel like I could improve so much more. My goal for the end of summer was to focus on doing more illustration work. I have finally gotten round to opening my Etsy store (lauragriffindraws.etsy.com) and you can follow me on Twitter (lauragriffindraws). Yes, got to love a bit of shameless self promotion! I have big plans on making a range of different products including laser cut jewellery, tote bags and pillows hopefully. Keep your eye out!

‘Bucks and Does’ is almost finished now, I have all the submissions bar one. As soon as I get a day off need to make the actual product but fingers crossed, it should be finished up shortly. The image above is a sneak preview of my submission for the zine.

So far this summer, I went to Florence to visit my friend Zen who attends Angels Academy – a private classical art school which teaches you high technical skills in the same styles as that of Da Vinci or Carravagio. I think I've seen enough Renaissance art and sculptures to do for the rest of my lifetime. I wouldn’t of said Florence was particularly catching for design, but it has inspired me to put some kind of insiders illustrated travel guide to Florence. I have started writing it up so just need to start putting that together as another side project for myself. I also visited Germany with my other half and went to see family which was a nice break from all the 'normal' work I’ve been doing…! Here are a few photos from my travel adventures...

Pet Store in Koblenz, Germany

Moselle River, Bernkastel Kues

Florence Train Station

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