Monday, 22 April 2013

That's Us.

I’m back! I feel terrible my resolution was to try and maintain this blog to the best of my abilities, but alas. It’s difficult keeping up with a million different social media platforms on a regular basis. I think I need to set one evening aside where I actually write about my current Illustration work!

I have begun to feel a bit more motivated to engage with the world and try to showcase my work more frequently. It's just like any marriage, it needs constant maintenance! It’s strange but since I have been at ECA it’s actually made me less inclined to promote my work on the Internet than I had realised.

So, where to begin! I guess I’ve done a few editorial pieces for The Skinny in the last few months and some other freelance work here and there. I also got my website up and running which you can see here:

It has a lot of my new and current work up there from the last few months. I’ve realised I’ve begun to run out of illustrated merchandise. Such as my wooden brooches which is something I want to pick up again over the summer. For my final project for third year, I’m focusing on making three bespoke Lazertran laser-cut Perspex clutch bags inspired by VHS cases and heroines from films with an Existentialist theme. I've ordered some stickers of my Existential Silver Beauties which I'll post up on my Etsy when they arrive! I'm planning on stocking my shop with lots of new prints too.

Anna Karina - Alphaville

Sean Young - Blade Runner

Nastassja Kinski - Paris, Texas

In other news, I also just got back from Berlin. I went to the Pictoplasma Contemporary Character Festival for a wee Illustration class trip. Pictoplasma was definitely an interesting experience and good to see so many people in the industry making it by drawing! Some really interesting talks and it put me at ease to think I am not totally alone in the way I research or work.

Berlin was one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever visited. I have totally fallen in love with Berlin. I can’t say that about a lot of places I’ve visited, but Berlin seems to be my calling. I’ve decided I’m going to move there if I can’t find a job once I’ve graduated. It just seems like the perfect place to be an freelance illustrator and easier to get a jobs in design or the arts than living in the UK.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet for the time being! I’ll try and post up some images from my Berlin trip and some new work soon.

I've also created a new Facebook page where you can keep up to date with tidbits of my current and upcoming projects! I am doing a giveaway on some of prints and one of my laser cut brooches, so feel free to like and share the above image! 

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