Sunday, 1 April 2012

if i ever feel better.

Amelia's Magazine - Sara Harnett Modern Love

You know the saying, sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some.

To pre-warn you - this may possibly turn into a rant as I have had quite a rubbish week.

This is a true reflection of my own personal experience of being an illustration student. I have fluctuated from the last few weeks to extremely productive to completely unproductive. I haven't really done anything university related this week as I have gone through range of disappointments and felt unsupported by my university degree so far which has therefore killed my motivation entirely.

Overall looking back on this previous year, I have done two design theories which did not relate whatsoever to my course (Textiles and Interior Design), although I guess its good to learn about these things but I still feel I have constantly been picked the short straw. I also didn't get into either of my choices for international exchange to America because there is a lack of places and I haven't been given a clear reason why I wasn't chosen. There were a lot of reasons why I wanted to go to the states but I'm not going to go in to them now.

I have been chosen for Lucerne in Switzerland but I feel its' not worthwhile to myself in terms of being an 'older' student, leaving my job for only three months to go to a school I know nothing about, extremely expensive and not being able to speak Swiss-German with the weight of third year being quite important I feel its' probably best I stay in Edinburgh. I don't particularly want to discuss exchange worries on here as to say the least it's plummeted my confidence in my school, in myself and my work.

On the brighter side of life, I have done some work for Amelia's Magazine this week for Modern Love article which can be viewed here. I've been on the hunt for some internships doing any kind of creative work over the summer to boost my CV, and I'm going to Germany for a few days for Easter break to visit family. I'm creating some text and narrative artist books for my final project based around Guillaume Apollinaire's book of short poems 'The Bestiary'.

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