Thursday, 17 March 2011

sorry for the neglect.

At the moment I have been overwhelmed with ECA work, but I will try and tend to my journal needs as soon as I have some free time. At the moment I have been doing some print making, experimenting with a piece of 20 cm x 80 cm bit of linoleum, etching with caustic soda and deer collage dedicated to my love of Sorley MacLean's poetry. I am also in the process of illustrating a book cover for one my Illustration projects, inspired by Roald Dahl's The Visitor. It is a bit of a dark adult story written as cleverly as his children's books. The story is based on the main characters receiving a box of his curious uncle's memoirs. These contain 28 volumes of his uncle's writings on his luxurious adventurous lifestyle and his insatiable appetite for wooing ladies and prominent hypocondriac tendencies.

In my other goings on, I will be moving into a rather lovely flat complete with fellow illustrator and DJ Fifi Eclair and lovely little kitty Squid in May. I also went to see Norwegian Wood and to the Craig Murray Orr exhibition at the Ingleby of his beautiful water colour landscapes. In terms of process and trying out new mediums, I experimented making my first ever laser cut brooch and here are the results complete with cake of course!

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