Monday, 19 July 2010

Once again, I've been cut short of time again to update. A very busy schedule which even I've found hard to keep up with.

I had my adventure to Riga, Latvia with Aina, which I have to say was one of the most enriching travelling trips I've been on. I've never had much knowledge of Eastern Europe, but it has made me want to travel to all the Baltic countries. We also did a little travelling outside Riga, we went to the seaside town; Jurmala, the baroque Rundales Palace which had absolutely breathtaking interiors and gardens. Cinevilla, a film set outside of Riga in the countryside where Defenders of Riga was filmed. It was more like a small town rather than a film set, with a river, train tracks, fake churches and buildings but very interesting to see. We also took some photos in the farmers fields where wild flowers grow and local people come to collect them for household saunas. The art nouveau buildings of Alberta Iela in Riga were incredible, you could spend hours just looking at all the details of the sculptures.

I particularly enjoyed Latvian food also. I tried some interesting types of food and drink which included; cold fuschia beetroot soup with a boiled egg on top, Kvass (a non-alcoholic beer which tasted a little like milkshake), Rigan Balsams (my favourite alcoholic drink of the moment, absolutely addicted. A cross between Jagermeister and cough medicine to describe it closely!), Rigan Laima chocolates (courtesy of Aina's family and very delicious!).

After my return from Riga, I moved straight away into my new flat in Edinburgh. It's definitely a lot bigger and closer to town than I originally thought. It's definitely the biggest bedroom I've ever had to myself so lots of room to do some work in. It's a great location, Arthurs Seat to my left and the Meadows to the right. Clerk Street is parallel to my street and has a couple of gems, including lots of charity shops, Armstrongs Vintage Clothing and Chariot Express. I was also introduced to the Mosque Kitchen which I plan on visiting again. I feel very blessed!

I went to visit Jo and Amanda in Dunfermilne this week where I got to play around in Jo's studio, learned how to make my very own bracelet and it's not as difficult as I thought so I'm planning on buying a few jewellery making things myself. We sat and drank lots of wine, listened to lots of tunes played by Jo's lovely husband and played with her pride and joy, Pinky, a four month old kitten(!)

I went to see King Creosote at the Roxburgh Art House with Andrew, which was amazing. I was blowing bubbles and got very drunk on a very cute but lethal bottle of ale called Birds & Bees. I've kept the bottle to put a candle in. I also saw a few new bands which I'd never heard of which I plan on adding to my music collection.

Tomorrow; I'm going to Andrew's Home Talk exhibition opening in Newburgh and then in the next week following that I go to Germany and Venice for three days. I can't wait. In a way though, I can't wait to go back and study again as I'm getting a bit bored with the days inbetween and I really want to get back into my art again.

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