Wednesday, 12 May 2010

communist daughter, standing on the seaweed water.

I sadly have not had any reasonable amount of time to update, but as study and exam time looms over… I find myself procrastinating a little and coming across a certain blog ( which always seems to gets me in the mood for writing and thinking why can’t I?!

I have been incredibly overwhelmed with college work, getting my portfolio together for art school and now exams. I have been given two offers from Edinburgh College of Art & Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee. I am pretty torn between the two. I see it as if having to choose between two lovers. One is the more secure, stable and conventional one (DOJ) and the other one is the new, exciting and unpredictable (ECA). To be truthful, I didn’t really think I’d have to make a ‘choice’ between two great art schools and I guess it’s all dependent on whether I pass my course or not so I can’t really make a decision until then.

It’s Gael Garcia Bernal week on Filmfour which has been preoccupying my free time in the evenings. Not that I can complain, the films he seems to star in are always aesthetically and culturally indulgent which I would always highly recommend to anyone. So far I’ve watched two films I hadn’t seen, which were Y Tu Mamá También and Deficit.

I have a fair few activities lying ahead for this next month, so this will probably be another short insight into my rather busy lifestyle at present. This weekend I’ve planned to volunteer for Dundee’s Big Top Jamboree, a unique creative independent craft fair which appeals to me a lot as I think it’ll give me some insight on how to go around setting up my own stall/online store in future and becoming more of a creative entrepreneur.

I am then planning on attending the exhibition opening of ‘They Had Four Years’ at Generator Projects in Dundee; a video and film installation from 2009 Duncan of Jordanstone graduates . I haven’t been to any exhibitions in Dundee for a while so it’ll be interesting to see what DOJ graduates are up to at the moment. I really feel the need to research into what ECA and DOJ are both doing as current and previous students so I can be better informed in my decision for art school.

Another few events I hopefully will manage to squeeze in this weekend is the Made in the Shade Jamboree, another independent craft fair but this time based in Edinburgh with a larger collective of illustrators, designers and artists. I still haven’t had the chance to visit the Made in the Shade shop in Glasgow, so I’ve an overwhelming curiosity to find out what they’re involved with. There’s a few designers I know they work with that I like, such as Claire Nicolson; a textiles artist, Anthony Zinonos, fine artist/printmaker who puts together amazing collage packs full of old vintage style ephemera which I’ve been using a lot for one of my series of mixed media collage pieces for my final project.

Then on Saturday and Sunday evening, may take my dancing shoes for a small trip down to the wrong end of Dundee town to go see an old acquaintance, Mr. Boom Monk Ben who is DJing on Saturday at the Reading Rooms, and then I have a ticket for Mr. Scruff on Sunday for a bit of nostalgia.

a few photos from a day out at arbroath beach

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